Our Artistic Vision

In a time of health, social, economic and environmental crises, our initiatives look to art as survival, to artists as visionary leaders, and the sites of wider Fremantle as spaces of shared ritual, sanctuary, arrival and imaginable futures.

An invitation to interact with Fremantle through artistic dialogues and place sensitive practice, our programs encourage the excavation of local myths and the creation of new, visual narratives that articulate the spirit of place. Artworks should seek to augment, enhance, and reveal Fremantle to itself in a renewed reading of place. Through site based methodologies and approaches, artists are invited to engage with and re-imagine traditions, customs and rituals.

This river once had a mouth

that opened and closed.

A mouth with limestone teeth

and a tongue of sand.

The first rains woke it

from its estuarine sleep,

loosened its tongue, so the mixing,

the darbaling could begin.

When rainbows became scarce

the river sealed its mouth,

it curled back and listened

to the thousand voices

informing it.

A river lives between course

and discourse. It has business,

the office of its whole catchment

to fulfil.

Jennifer Kornberger