Undercurrent is the guiding thematic premise - a flow of water that moves below the surface of the ocean or a river.

UNDERCURRENT 19 is an invitation to interact with Fremantle through artistic dialogues and place sensitive practice. It encourages the excavation of local myths and the creation of new, visual narratives that articulate the spirit of place. Artworks should be capable of augmenting, enhancing and revealing Fremantle to itself in a renewed reading of place.

'UNDERCURRENT 19 is a siren song, an ongoing conversation, a cultural manifesto.'

Fremantle Biennale November 2019: UNDERCURRENT 19
'Unit' – is a landbased exploration of undercurrents through landscape and architecture in small [1 person] short life Units. Sited along a thematic line through the city from the port to the old seafront on the Esplanade, a number of sites have been identified for interventions for 'Units'. We invite expressions of interest from landscape and architectural practitioners to participate in the concept, design, and supply of 'Unit – Undercurrent': short life, short stay spatial experiences that disclose the contemporary, the transitory and the historical.
We would love to hear from you before the 22 February 2019
Please send EOIs to info@fremantlebiennale.com.au

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