Selected works


Courtesy of the artist and Fremantle Biennale. Photo: Robert Frith.

Born Locarno (Switzerland) 1952
Lives and works in Paris

Arcs d'√Čllipses 2017-18
High Street (Round House to Town Hall)

World-renowned artist Felice Varini's installation, Arc d'√Čllipses spanned 800 meters of High Street and was custom designed to cascade from the Round House to the Town Hall. This monumental artwork was revealed over the course of one month and required a small army of assistants, volunteers and specialised equipment. Arc d'√Čllipses emerged for the first time on the 28 October 2017 as the work was sequentially applied over twenty five heritage listed buildings within Fremantle's historic West End precinct. This was Varini's first major commission in Australia and his largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Courtesy of the artist and Fremantle Biennale. Photo: Duncan Wright.

Born Rotterdam 1979
Lives and works in Shanghai

Waterlicht Fremantle 2019
Esplanade Park

An Australian premiere in Fremantle, Studio Roosegaarde presented a large-scale light installation illustrating the universal power and poetry of water. 'WATERLICHT' is larger-than-life; cascading waves of blue light soared in the middle of Esplanade Park, simulating a virtual flood and calling attention to rising water levels along Fremantle's shoreline. The work embraced the unique physical features of the site while acknowledging its past. A soundscape accompanied the work, including local stories about Fremantle's waterfront by traditional custodians, prominent civic figures, historians, artists and community members. These stories live on as an enduring legacy of the work's appearance in Fremantle, and serve as a stirring call-to-action for a city-wide conversation around clean water initiatives and climate change. Read more

Courtesy of the artist and Fremantle Biennale. Photo: Duncan Wright.

Lives and works in Osaka

Sleeping with the Sun 2019
Old Customs House

Kayako Nakashima intervenes within architectural spaces by referencing former spatial occupation through the use of light and darkness. Old Customs House was manipulated by the artist to construct an artificial environment where the central void became permeated with natural light. The viewer was invited to lie on a bed and witness the subtle dance of golden rays conversing with the space of the atrium.

Born Perth 1980
Lives and works in Perth

South Mole Resort 2019

Set within the industrial and iconic environment of Fremantle's working port, The Commonwealth of New Bayswater presented the South Mole Resort. A self-proclaimed republic and opulent beachside community, the South Mole Resort was open to the public for the duration of the Biennale. Visitors could shop at the souvenir store, book in to the day spa, take in the views from the stunning bar and restaurant, experience the resorts many live events, and even spend a night at the South Mole's exclusive bungalows (meals and entertainment included). Read more