The Commonwealth of New Bayswater

South Mole Resort

South Mole
2-24 Nov
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Thur-Sat | 5pm-9pm
Sun | 12pm-6pm

ACCOMMODATION has SOLD OUT. You can still visit the South Mole Resort, Thursday to Sunday.

Set within the industrial and iconic environment of Fremantle's working port, The Commonwealth of New Bayswater presents the South Mole Resort.

A self-proclaimed republic and opulent beachside community, the South Mole Resort will be open to the public for the duration of the Biennale. Visitors can shop at the souvenir store, book in to the day spa, take in the views from the stunning bar and restaurant, experience the resorts many live events, and even spend a night at the South Mole's exclusive bungalows (meals and entertainment included).

Ambitious and quirky, the South Mole Resort is unlike any other holiday destination.

Jessee Lee Johns was born in 1980 in Perth, where he lives and works. His practice is rooted in a DIY philosophy of lowered standards and tactical ignorance that has generated a list of impressive sounding achievements. Jessee has exhibited extensively outside the gallery system both nationally and internationally. He is the sole citizen of The Commonwealth Of New Bayswater, a country he founded in 2017. Jessee is the Co-Director of the Contemporary Institute Of Modern Art (CIOMA), an international and pan-temporal art institution with sites in 2015, 2016, Cambodia and 2020. In order to get out of having to stage fairly large-scale solo show at PSAS in 2018, Jessee summoned the gallery and himself from 2020, inadvertently preventing Western Australia's secession and collapse at the hands of Westralia's future Captain, Ben Cousins. He got out of having to do all that work, and prevented a localised apocalypse, but it made quite a mess which he did have to clean up.

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