Western Current

Robert Cleworth
Di Cubitt
Michael Doherty
Ben Joel
Moira de la Hunty
Gina Moore
Wade Taylor
Paul Uhlmann
Curated by Ron Nyisztor

Fremantle Arts Centre
2–24 Nov 2019 | Mon-Sun | 10am–5pm
Soft Opening Sat 9 Nov 2019 | 2pm-3pm

'Western Current' presents a backdrop to our unique Western Australian experience living on the edge of the Indian Ocean. The paintings in this exhibition present a coastal gothic narrative, depicting storylines which emphasise a sense of isolation and foreboding. Mere glimpses of the sea and sky in some works are enough to convey an uneasy sense of distance between us and the rest of the world.

The outlook here differs from other more well known 'west coasts' that have become embedded clichés in pop culture – Ibiza, Malibu, Acapulco – all iconic states of bliss promoting hedonism, youth and luxurious retreat. Alternatively, Western Current focuses on several artists' responses to an undercurrent and history we compensate for in WA.

Images: Moira de la Hunty, 'Yearning for a Scaffold beyond my Bones; oil on canvas; 100 x 230cm
Di Cubitt, 'South Point', oil on canvas

Fremantle Arts Centre